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Advent Reading December 8

Saturday, December 8
… clothe yourselves with humility … —1 Peter 5:5
On a trip to Mexico, I joined a local pastor, his wife and their four children for lunch. Their home was little more than a shanty; no water or electricity, situated along the Colorado River canal, its water highly polluted from northern industrial waste.
The man’s sons asked me to swim with them. Gulp! I agreed, but carefully kept my lips sealed that I was not the best swimmer. After swimming a bit, I scrambled up the embankment, realizing that I had drifted. My sandals were far away. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my leg. I looked down to find my fellow pastor kneeling in the dirt, a towel and my sandals in his hands. He began to dry my feet. I resisted at first, but then let him continue.
I will never forget the feel of his touch, the love in his smile or our arms around each other’s shoulders as we walked from that place.
How can you show your love this Advent season through a simple act of love?
O God, clothe us with humility so that others will see Christ in us. Amen.