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April 5, 2020 – Palm Sunday – Make the Next Move

Mark 11:1-11 – Triumphal entry
Mark 14:3-9 – Woman anoints Jesus at Bethany

Something interesting happens in these passages. There’s a
combination of audacity and direction that occurs. Before Jesus enters
Jerusalem, he sends the disciples in to get the donkey. The arrangements
have already been made. They are just to go and pick up the rental donkey
for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem. And then Jesus will enter for the palms,
and the Hosannas. Something has been done, and then something can be
done, and then the main thing can happen. Who made the reservation at
Later, while sitting at dinner, a woman anoints Jesus. She acts ahead
of what Jesus says is coming. She anoints his body for burial before he is
dead. She’s been paying attention, even if the disciples don’t catch it.
These are both about what’s about to happen. And in both cases, we
have a role to play. If we’re along for the ride, and a little bit in sync with
what God is doing, then we can be a part of what God is doing. We can get
the donkey, we can anoint the body. What is our next move? What cue are
we taking from Christ, as he moves towards Jerusalem and the salvation of
the world? What step can we take on this journey?

Worship at First Presbyterian Church of Marion, Illinois
April 5, 2020 - Palm Sunday - Make the Next Move