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December 10, 2017 – The Second Sunday of Advent – How Far is Too Far?

Ezekiel 37:1-14 Ezekiel prophesies to the dry bones and they are raised to new life. 
John 11:25-26 I am the resurrection and the life
Chrismon – Alpha and Omega
How Far is Too Far?
Like last week’s passage, this one we may remember from childhood. We may well remember singing about how the toe bones connect to the foot bones, which connect to the…. Beyond that, it is a powerful story, a prophetic story, a story of hope in the face of death. 

Like last week, we may hear other stories in this story. We may hear the story of a Friday to a Sunday. We may hear the story of our stories. We may hear the story of being dried up, of having no life, of being broken. And depending on where we are in that story, we may also hear the story  of bones put back together, of sinew and flesh recovering bones, and of  breath that moves us. A breath from God that moves us and gives us life.

So, how far gone is too far gone? How dry are we? And do we believe that even if we were all dried out, God could make something of us?