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February 17, 2019 – The Sixth Sunday After Epiphany – What’s a Weed?

Matt 13:24-43 Parable of wheat and weeds
(Psalm 84:1-7)
The parables are tough things. They are words from Jesus, that often
don’t quite make as much sense as we’d like them to, and they are all over the place. Many of the narratives depend on us understanding some sort of agrarian economy and way of life, and often, they assume things that we just don’t know. Rarely does Jesus explain them.
But he does explain 2 parables back to back in Matthew. We’re on the second one of them today. So, what happens in the parable? Wheat is
planted, and weeds are planted among the wheat. They both sprout and
bear grain. Should we get rid of the weeds? No, that will destroy the good stuff. Just wait. That’s basically the explanation as well.
So what do you make of this parable? Do we believe that this is how
the end times will work? Read it carefully. “All people who sin” thrown out?
Is the parable complete, or do we hold it in tension with the one just after it about yeast, or about mustard seeds? How do we hold this parable, one of the explained, in tension with those that stand on their own, no explanation provided?