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February 2, 2020 – The Fourth Sunday After Epiphany – Interrupted

Mark 5:21-43                                               Jesus heals Jairus’ daughter and the woman with the flow of blood.

          Again Jesus crosses over to the other side. Getting out, a crowd is gathered waiting to see Jesus. A leader of the synagogue comes to see Jesus, with a daughter who is close to death. Jesus goes with Jairus.

                    And on the way something happens. The crowd presses in, and in the crowd is a woman who has been suffering for a long time. She has been afflicted with a bleed for 12 years. She reaches, out, touches Jesus’s cloak, and is healed. In so doing, she stops the movement. She interrupts the trip to Jairus’s house. Or Jesus does. He stops when he feels the power go out, and he wants to know who touched him. Everything stops.

                    And while they stop, Jairus’s daughter dies. They come to tell Jairus and Jesus not to even both coming further, because the little girl is dead. Jesus doesn’t stop, though. He goes on. This interruption doesn’t stop what God is about in the world. This interruption is what God is about in the world. How do we handle interruptions? How does Jesus? What happens in the interruptions?