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February 4, 2018 – Fifth Sunday After Epiphany – The Ground We Walk

John 4:1-42 Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at well, speaks of living water and true worship.
Psalm 42:1-3 My soul longs for God
The Ground We Walk
This story is too much. There’s too much going on here. There’s Jesus, absent disciples, challenge, conviction, water, living water, Messiahs, worship locations, redemption, evangelism, and boundary crossing. That’s way too much for one sermon. Not that I haven’t tried to do 
too much before, and won’t again.

For today, however, we’ll run a narrower field. When Jesus comes to town, the place he comes to is a place we’ve been before. The place is described as a well on the ground that Jacob gave to Joseph. And we know Jacob and Joseph. We know about Jacob meeting his wife at a well. We know about his beloved son Joseph. We know about his interesting family. That is the place Jesus finds himself.

Jesus finds himself back with people who know the story, who are a part of God’s story in the world. Jesus is back. Jesus is back because we need to hear it again. Jesus is back because we are women at the well, broken, sinful, and doubting that the promise is for us, because we have been told it is not. Jesus comes back. He comes back to the places God has been, and to the ground we travel each day. He comes back for us.