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January 14, 2018 – Second Sunday after Epiphany – Water Into …

John 2:1-11 Wedding at Cana, water into wine.
Psalm 104:14-16 trees of the Lord are watered abundantly
Water Into …
Water into wine is the first miracle of Jesus. It happens very early in the Gospel(s), and it seems to happen at the urging and pressure of his mother. It happens at a wedding, and we may know the basic sketch of the story. The hosts run out of wine, Mary goes to Jesus, and Jesus tells the servant to go to the vessels used for rituals of washing and purification. When the servant pulls a spoonful, a ladleful, a cupful, a carafe full from the container and takes it to the master of the banquet, the master finds that it is exceptional wine, far better than expected, and a surprise, because this isn’t how it’s normally done.

There are other things that get drawn out of the water set aside for rituals of washing and purification that turn out to be surprising as well. You and I, for instance. Drawn out of the waters of baptism, should we not be of surprising quality? Are we not miraculous? As those who have been washed, and who are watered by Christ, how do we grow? Children of God, having been drawn out of the water at a time of scarcity, may we see our drawing out as wondrous, miraculous, and exceptional.