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July 16, 2017 – the Sixth Sunday After Pentecost – Great Ends of the Church – the preservation of the truth

Preservation and truth
John 14:1-17 I am the way the truth…
Matthew 5:13-16, Luke 14:25-35 (15:1-10) Salt and saltiness
Revelation 21 New Jerusalem

Oh, tricky words. Truth and preservation. Preservation – to keep things
good, sound, whole, often to keep things the same. Truth – well, we really don’t
have time for that discussion in one sermon, or maybe even in a year of sermons.
What truth should the church be preserving to hand on, to hand out, to share, to
dare I say it, proclaim? What is it that God has entrusted to us to preserve, and
how is it true?
Now, how do we preserve family stories? Do we preserve all family stories?
Are there some we’d like to see vanish into the mists of time? And then salt. Salt
preserves things, right? How much salt? What happens when salt loses its
saltiness? What happens if the meal only tastes of salt? In other words, what
happens if we only taste preservation, and not truth?
So, what truth are we preserving, and how are we preserving it? And, what
are we preserving it for?