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July 7, 2019 – 4th Sunday After Pentecost – Why Give?

Genesis 14:17-24, Genesis 28:10-22

           If giving isn’t really giving, then why would we give? If it’s all really God’s, and we’re just giving back to God, then why would we give? These two passages give us some insight into why.

           Abraham responds to what God has done for him. Jacob responds to what he hopes God will do. Both have been called and chosen, and both have fallen short of the mark God has set for them. Abraham returns from battle, from what could have been disaster, and gives to God 10% of things. Jacob has an encounter with God, and hopes, and prays, and (maybe) bribes God with 10% for his future. In both cases, the gift is a response to the relationship with God.

           Why do we give? What have we seen? What have we experienced? What do we hope for in our relationship with God?