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June 30, 2019 – 3rd Sunday After Pentecost – Whose is it?

Psalm 24, Psalm 50

           God makes some things very clear in these passages. God considers it all to belong to God. We are God’s, the earth is God, everything is God’s. God is not apologetic about it or shy. God doesn’t need our offering. God will accept no bull from our houses. If God wants what we have, God will just take it.

           That is quite the contrast to how we often approach giving. We talk about what we are going to give to God. Yet, there is also a problem with us treating giving like repaying a loan from God to us. It’s God’s, entrusted to us, and then we use it, and return it to God.

           What does it mean to belong to God? What does it mean that it all belongs to God? Does that change how we operate? What happens when we’re just ‘borrowing’ God’s stuff? Do we treat it like our own? Is that a good thing?