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March 11, 2018 – The Fourth Sunday in Lent – Can’t, Won’t, Don’t

John 18:28-40 My kingdom is not from this world.
Psalm 145:10-13
This passage is full of the impossibilities that present themselves in the movement towards the cross. The chief priests don’t even take Jesus into Pilate’s building, so that they won’t defile themselves. They hand him over to Pilate because they can’t kill him. Pilate doesn’t find him guilty of anything that would be worth of being put to death. 
For all of that, it happens. With all of the can’t, won’t, don’t, it happens anyway. For all of the legalities, religious and otherwise, that seem to make the death of Jesus on a cross impossible, it happens just the same. For all the protests, and the weak resignations, Jesus dies on a cross at the request of the religious authorities, under the power of Rome, as the crowd cries for Barrabus.
What is it we can’t do, that still seems to happen?