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March 31, 2019 – The Fourth Sunday in Lent – Are You Prepared?

Matthew 25:1-30

Are You Prepared?

           These two parables come after chapter 24, in which the disciples ask Jesus how they will know when the end of the age is, and when is the end of the age? This is a topic that some branches of the church spend a lot of time on to this day. You can probably find a program on public access that will spend a LOT of time on how we can know what will happen and how wit will happen and how we will know that the end is coming. (Cue the crazy guy on the corner with the sandwich board.)

           Paired together, these parables try to get at that question. In the first (bridesmaids), there is the sense that this is a big event, and sure, the groom may be late, but you’re a bridesmaid, and you have a role to play in things. The groom is late, and some bridesmaids are at the store, and miss the arrival, and so do not make it in to the party.

           The talents has a similar thought. The master is gone, and things are entrusted. One servant/slave doesn’t do what he knows the master would have done. That servant has a hard time.

           Why would Jesus tell these to disciples asking about the end times? What do they have to say to us?