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March 8, 2020 – The Second Sunday in Lent – How Can I Help You?

Mark 10:32-52 Passion prediction, Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, heals blind Bartimaeus.

  I don’t know if James and John understand what they’re asking here. I do know that we are the ones who reap what they have sown. We are the ones who both benefit from and have to live into their brashness. Can you (we) drink Christ’s cup? Can you (we) be baptized into Christ’s baptism? James and John say yes, and then Jesus says yes.

          And then we come to the end of the passage, and the blind man. To be baptized into Christ’s baptism and to drink from his cup also means to navigate the world as he did. How does he handle Bartimeaus? Jesus asks the same question he asks the disciples. And Bartimeaus gets the same gift the disciples do. His request is answered.

          If we are washed in the baptism, and drink from the cup, how do we treat those who approach us in the name of Christ? Or are we not able to be washed, and to drink, from Christ’s things?