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Presbyterian Week of Action

As our world has turned and churned and changed over the past months, one of the things that has been brought to the light is that we, as humans, are very good at being bad to one another. Calvin’s total depravity has been on witness throughout these months, over masks, and restaurants, over toilet paper, and in person worship, over the color of one’s skin, one’s nationality, and one’s gender.

Our denomination, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), is calling for a week of action to address the matter of racism in our nation, our communities, and our lives. In as much as the Christian community is called to constant and ongoing study of both our sin and God’s grace, and as we are called to do that study together, with regards to Scripture and the way we live our lives, there are a number of resources that are available to us. Some can be found at https://facing-racism.pcusa.org/.

A part of our faithful witness to Jesus Christ is engaging in hard conversations that can change the world and do change our daily lives. We did not encounter the crucified and Risen Christ to be who we were on Friday. We are an Easter people, and that is a people who are ever shaped and changed by the pain and suffering of those around us, and the power of God to transform injustice and death into new life.

This week of action will be August 24-30, and you can find many more details at https://www.pcusa.org/weekofaction/ .

 Monday 8/24: Global Day of Solidarity

This event will focus on how we uplift the solidarity expressed through our global partners.

◾ Tuesday 8/25: Town Hall

In this event, moderator(s) will engage guests in and outside the church around critical issues of the movement for social justice.

◾ Wednesday 8/26: Liberation Bible Study and Twitterstorm

The Liberation Bible Study will lay a Biblical foundation for justice work and more specifically why Black lives matter. It will also discuss how our denomination supports this and how we can improve.

The Twitterstorm will be our first event completely on social media. The goal of a twitterstorm is to engage a variety of people around how the church can be a presence within the movement. 

◾ Thursday 8/27: BLACKOUT Day and COVID-19 Memorial

In joining with Presbyterian Women, who already wear black on Thursdays to honor the murdered and missing Black and Indigenous women, we encourage the entire denomination to wear black in solidarity with the struggle for Black lives and encourage the support of Black-owned business, which is in line with our policy.

The COVID-19 Memorial will be a uniquely sacred moment to pause and remember those we have lost during the pandemic.

◾ Friday 8/28: Film Screening and Young Adult Roundtable

The Film Screening is an opportunity to watch and engage with a film that highlights the racial disparity in our nation. 

The Young Adult Roundtable is an opportunity to have a conversation with and see how young people are engaging and processing faith in the midst of racial and health pandemics.

◾ Saturday 8/29: Rally/ Public Action

Engage the entire denomination in a multi-city rally that calls attention and action to the racial injustice happening in our country. This will include various speakers, music, poets, etc.

◾ Sunday 8/30: Day of Service

This day encourages congregations and mid-councils to forgo worship service or in addition to it, engage in some type of service outside the walls.